7 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil in Your Home

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Thought coconut oil was just for cooking? Or keeping your hair moisturised? Well, think again! We love finding new tips and tricks for DIY natural cleaning. So much so that we’ve discovered 7 cleaning tricks that will bring some sparkle back to your home all using the product of the moment, coconut oil.

1. Furniture polish

Spruce up tired-looking wood with a dab of coconut oil. To bring some life back to your furniture, just mix some melted coconut oil with white vinegar and lemon juice. Then simply apply to the wood and wipe away with a clean cloth. And voilà, oil bet you’ve never seen your furniture look so good (sorry)!

2. Silver polish

Applying a little coconut oil to your silver or steel will help bring back that shine, and is a great natural alternative to chemical polish. Just apply a little of the oil to a cloth and rub into your jewellery or cutlery. As an added bonus, it will even remove any rust from steel.


3. Squeaky clean showers

Perfect as a natural bathroom cleaner. Simply put some coconut oil on a cloth and wipe away any shower scum. Not only does it leave your shower super clean, but smelling great too.

4. Restore dried-out leather

Have your shoes, sofa, or leather jacket seen better days? Breathe some life back into dried-out leather by wiping the surface with a damp cloth and then rubbing on some coconut oil with a soft cloth. Wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth and marvel at the transformation.

5. Fix squeaky hinges

Get rid of those little annoyances in life. Rub a little coconut oil into any squeaky hinges and voila! The irritating noise will be gone.

6. Stain remover

Fix those mystery stains on any fabric or carpet with a little coconut oil. Using a soft cloth, simply rub some coconut oil onto any stain on upholstery or carpet and then gently wipe off with a separate cloth. For more stubborn stains, just add baking soda to the mix and then apply to the stain.

7. Polish wood floors

To bring the shine back to your wooden floors naturally, simply rub in coconut oil and then buff with a clean, soft cloth. Just remember to allow your floors to dry out for a few hours before walking on them!

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